Build a HD HTPC for 1080P High Definition Needs

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Apr 26th, 2010
Build a HD HTPC for 1080P High Definition Needs

When building a home theater PC, there are certain requirements for component selection to ensure high performance with silent operation. In this article, we will discuss how to build a low power (energy) consuming home theater PC that generates little noise, but still is able to play 1080p HD video smoothly.

Low energy consumption – less noise

The loudness of the computer is mainly influenced by how much energy the computer consumes. This is because the more heat computer generates the more cooling it requires and thus more noise it will produce. You can influence on the energy consumption by selecting the right low power processor and video card.

Generally, in order to build 1080p video capable HD HTPC it does not require gaming computer specification, but you can do fine with a lower processor speed and less sophisticated video card. For this reason it is probably a good idea to choose a motherboard that has fast enough integrated video card for your 1080p HTPC.

Processor and video card determine power consumption

Computer ProcessorThe key objective when building a high definition media center is to find components that consumes little power and thus requires less cooling. Although there are some additional ways to improve the power consumption, the simplest and most effective approach is to focus on choosing a low-power processor and video card.

It is good to choose a processor that has a relatively good performance but operates with a low wattage. One good option is Intel Core i3-530 2.93GHz LGA1156 processor. This processor is capable of playing 1080p video with ease while consuming very little power.

The Core i3-530 has a built-in Intel graphics chip inside the CPU, so you will not need additional graphics card that would require more cooling and power when building a 1080p HTPC. This built-in video card with HD video playback capability is an excellent thing, because you would need a bigger case if you wish to fit a more powerful video card into the case.

If you opt for the Intel i3 processor, one good option for the motherboard is Asus P7H55 Intel H55 LGA1156 microATX motherboard that is frequently recommended by many experts.

Stylish computer case

When choosing the computer case, you want to look for a stylish and small case that fits to your component selections. It is a good idea choosing a case that is similar to DVD players or A/V receivers so that it fits nicely to the living room entertainment center. There are several good looking case manufacturers such as Antec and Silverstone.

As a next step, you might be interested to know which are the most popular Home Theater PC components or continue reading about the optimal components for the HTPC build that is designed for the video playback.

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