How JRiver Media Center Can Improve Your Audio Experience

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Mar 5th, 2012
How JRiver Media Center Can Improve Your Audio Experience

This guest post is by William Bravin.

I would like to share my experience in building my HT environment with you.

I must pre-empt this blurb by saying I’m not an audiophile nor am I a computer wizard or rich.

Now that I am retired I have only 3 passions in my life besides my Family. They are; riding my motorcycle on long rides, eating good food, enjoying my media with friends and family.

I was happy with my HIFI Stereo architecture which include;

  • McIntosh MC 7205 Amplifier
  • Citation Pre-amp
  • Thorens TD150 Turntable
  • Magnapan Electrostatic Speakers
  • A CD player and a VHS Player
  • A laptop and a 1TB NAS
  • Using Win Amp Pro and VLC to play my media

I have very eclectic tastes in music (3700 Songs mostly from iTunes) and videos (about 250 movies from VHS or DVD) and about 100 vinyl LPs .

I still need to load circa 100 CD and 75 more DVDs on the NAS.

All my stereo equipment is more than 20 years old and I love it.

Moving to a Multichannel Environment

However; now I want to move to a 5.1 environment.

This meant upgrading my Pre-Amp to a multichannel environment and getting a better solution to manage my Media.

Instead of purchasing a good pre-amp and a computer for my media and in an effort to save money I decide to build a HTPC.

I muddled over this for several months and laid out a roadmap for my Media Centre environment. I talked to friends, listen a lot and downloaded the free white book on building an HTPC from

Listing the Requirements

First I listed my major requirements which were: Play my Digital music, from my NAS. Play my LP’s, Play my movies and be able to continue to convert my VHS library, needed a preamp to manage my environment and continue to listen at the same to music with the same quality as I did with my stereo. Hence I needed both a digital and an analogue environment to play my media.

As I do not play many games I just needed a good Video card and or the moment I do not need to invest in 3D. However I did require a good sound card that would play both digital and analogue music.

Easily Upgradable and Silent HTPC

I needed an environment that would be easily upgradable and silent.

Hence these are the components I went with;

  • Thermaltake Case
  • Asus M4A87 TD EVO
  • AMD Phenom 4 965 CPU
  • 4 GB ram
  • NVidia GTX 450
  • M-Audio Delta LT1010 sound card
  • WinTV tuner card

My media on a fully redundant Buffalo 4TB NAS via my LAN network.

This was the simple part of the build and now, the fun and frustrating parts.

Searching Media Management Software

As mentioned I use WinAmp (for my Music) and VLC (for my Videos) to play my media. I love that VLC can play any of my Videos and I loved the media management capabilities of Winamp. I did not want to sacrifice any functionality I already had.

I tried many of the more popular media centre SW. However I found that I always had to compromise on the functionality or on the ability to play all my media. Since I am one who likes things to be automated, I am always looking for better SW.

Introducing JRiver Media Center

Thanks to Tuukka at My Media Experience, who introduced me to JRiver, which I Installed.

I find that it is playing all my media files and is fairly robust with the media and Meta data management.


  • Good functionality
  • Ability to manage large media files
  • Very customizable it has the ability to manage playing through my M-Audio Card to my speaker and to play through my headphones through my on-board sound card (which is managed by a realtek HD audio driver managed by a Via audio management SW) with different audio playing configurations
  • It has a theatre view and a data manipulation view to enable to TAG, edit files Sync with other devices and it is highly customisable ability to function very well with a mouse multi zone functionality, manage the volume levels by Song, album playlist and output device.


  • Pricing policy
  • Internal processes need to be harmonized and simplified
  • File and Meta Data editing processes and integrations need to be improved
  • Does not operate with all MCE RC6 remotes
  • Long learning curve
  • Minimal skin and plugin development


For now I love listening to my music from my system, watching the videos and picture from one environment.

By no means do I consider my experience or analysis with the JRiver MC complete.

However I will purchase the JRiver MC because it is a big step forward in my environment. However I will not only purchase the upgrades unless a substantial improvement is made to features and functionality.

Next Steps

My next steps in my HT development; developing multi zone paying capability, getting 1 or 2 powered front facing Subwoofers (Velodyne or REL), upgrade my Thorens with a SME 312 tone arm and a granite plinth better isolation and wiring, get a 60in LED TV (when they become cheaper) or a HD projector and Screen, update all my Video files to HD, finalise allocating all my music files into playlists and video files in genres.

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